Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last Post for 2009

Ok well this gonna be the last post for 2009.
I didnt go anywhere because my family doin BBQ.
Just taking my bath and I was thinking what will i wear because i want to wear something simple.
Its gonna be HOT out there.
I mean the asap n all that masak2 bakar2 thing.
I dun want wear my Baju Kesayangan because xnk nnt ade bau asap.
But i dont want wear ugly clothes.emmm..
But I think i shouldnt waste my time now.
I have to act fast.
Because now alrd 11++pm.
Less than 1 hour before we're entering 2010.
I gtg.
Happy new year everyone :)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sakit :(

*without flash

*with flash

Friday, December 25, 2009

We Cant Live without ART.

Lets facebooking :)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Im on hols rite nw.but im kinda broke.ade RM70++ je dlm purse.arghh.nw,I feel like wanna buy something for my self but I dunno what.
emmm Im waiting for my parents and brothers to come back.
mcm lame je.act,excited to see my new shoes that my brother bought for me.he only said he will buy,n I think he bought it but dunno what its look like.and most important,its must be my size.
hehe.I miss my parents and brothers so bad.rase uma ni sunyi je even she,Puteri bising gile jerit2 dlm uma.
to Din for his engagement.
awalnye he get engage.neway,hope he can make it.
Gtg guys..

Att Adnan :)

Friday, December 4, 2009


I have law exam on Monday.but I cant study.its not that Im lazy.but I just hate the law subject.
my brother informed me that they are going to Bangkok.and I hate to be left at home alone again.
Raya Haji aritu dhla sorg.aish.dis is all because of my examination.but never mind.I have to sacrifice for my future.ayat Mama.haha.well well me and my beau are the most happiest person in the most hardest way.haha only we know y.
I wanna buy Kyrolan.
I wanna but Mac studio fix spray.
I wanna buy new handbag and wedge heel.I wanna buy Supra shoes for him.
I wanna go to the beach.
I wanna sleep.
the end...

Friday, November 27, 2009


Well my 'Raya' wasnt like others.
since my dad went to Kemboja and my mama go for holiday,i did sumtin existing.
guess what?i went to Times square to enjoy myself at Cosmo World.
all the games wasnt really bad.but i dun feel scare.its not that i dun scream.yes,i do scream and i loves too.hehe.naik roller coaster 4 times peeps.
because we ( my and my beau ) wanted to get nice captured pic.its for our memories.
i really2 enjoy the moment.
there is few pic of me.wanted to upload the pic while we're riding the roller coaster but feel lazy to scan it into my lappy ( it was a print photo ).
i wanna stop right nw.starving moommy :(


Storage box.

mucho amor

te amor

i want this bear so badly :(

Monday, November 23, 2009

I've got tagged!
"60 random things in my bedroom"
will post it later.
need some time peeps :)
Hello world,hope you're reading
Forgive me if Im young..
or speaking out of turn
but there is someone that I've been missing :(

Monday, November 16, 2009

I dun have enough time to update my blog.will try to spend more time here rather than facebook.facebook-ing more fun, hell yeah?


-Final exams just around the corner.but im exhausted with those books and notes.
-Me and my beau just doin fine.started planning to makes things better :) oohhh i just loves him so much.
-I love my family.but tend to hate it when they're gonna leave me this Raya Haji for Holiday trip i guess. haha childish aite?
-My dad will take off to Kemboja for 10 days."Babaaaa,duit mykkkk ;p " tp I isi pki card la :(
-I need new wardrobe. something like Paris or Nicole ?
-I want more money bcause i have things to buy. dun ask me to list down. 3 hari 3 mlm xabes nnt.
-I wanna ride a roller coaster. ngidam hehe.
-Im so in love with Coach Madison Sabrina Satchel bag. will go to Pavi to get it next year.
-Its been a long time since I tak swim. sape nk teman ?
-Im soo hungry.wanna eat apple pie, spagetti, lasagna, BR ice cream, blueberry cheescake, coke coke coke, and garlic bread.
-Nk naik superbike bole ?
-Many ppl asked me, "Hey why u pnye layout itam putih je ? gothic la" and i answered, " my life is simple yet mysterious as white and black " so do u get it ?
-I want DSLR plssssss!

Actually,byk lg yg I nk bebel but ngntok la.Will text in soon.Nite :)))

1 ) Sergio Rossi Madeleine Wedge

2 ) More more Balenciaga bags

Pssssstttt... " i love you :) "

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Went out to see my dear.
Then got 1 msg from Mimie.
Dia mau raya uma saya.
Told her that im not at home and she said ok , nvm...
Tp mcm xbest je kan so i decide after balik nk cntact die.
But bile I sampai uma OMG there's no one.
Sape nk buat air?
Haha yeah I mmg xreti bancuh air.
Tau wat air teh aje ok.
Act bkn xreti buat cume terlampau tkt xsedap so better xpyh buat kan.
So I pon call la my sis yg ade kt uma my eldest brother said that my friend wanted to go raya there.
Haha my brother ade wat mkn2 jd alang2 ajak jela dorg raya sane.
So mimie fetch me at home and we pgla uma my brother.
Everything goes well i guess.Sumpah I xreti layan tetamu ok.
No pic sbb xterigt lgsg nk amek gmbr.
Adush sdy :(

-Hp masuk air.
Age not more than 1 month.
-My car break down.
Something wrong with the brake.
Im dying~

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Today 27/09

Well i didnt sell clothes anymore.So i will stop using my blog to promote my clothes.
For now, My Blog is the place where i tell ppl about what i am doin and so on.
Will update more babies.
See ya.