Sunday, September 27, 2009


Went out to see my dear.
Then got 1 msg from Mimie.
Dia mau raya uma saya.
Told her that im not at home and she said ok , nvm...
Tp mcm xbest je kan so i decide after balik nk cntact die.
But bile I sampai uma OMG there's no one.
Sape nk buat air?
Haha yeah I mmg xreti bancuh air.
Tau wat air teh aje ok.
Act bkn xreti buat cume terlampau tkt xsedap so better xpyh buat kan.
So I pon call la my sis yg ade kt uma my eldest brother said that my friend wanted to go raya there.
Haha my brother ade wat mkn2 jd alang2 ajak jela dorg raya sane.
So mimie fetch me at home and we pgla uma my brother.
Everything goes well i guess.Sumpah I xreti layan tetamu ok.
No pic sbb xterigt lgsg nk amek gmbr.
Adush sdy :(

-Hp masuk air.
Age not more than 1 month.
-My car break down.
Something wrong with the brake.
Im dying~

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Today 27/09

Well i didnt sell clothes anymore.So i will stop using my blog to promote my clothes.
For now, My Blog is the place where i tell ppl about what i am doin and so on.
Will update more babies.
See ya.